It’s a mug deep blue (indigo, exactly) in color that I bought in 1997 at the 
bookstore of University of Washington, where I spent a month in the summer.
For the past 10 years, I kept bringing it with me everywhere outside home… 
at the dorm of school or hospitals, working in I-lan or Kinmen…
I was so reckless to leave it on the sink of public shower room of the dorm 
2 weeks ago…It used to be quite OK to do so, since nobody would take it away…
(I’ve seen one mug over there for like months)
And then, came the BGS teachers, and then, I totally forgot my mug since I’ve 
never been to the dorm for the past week…
…..Not until this morning, when I tried to make some coffee for myself, that I never 
noticed my mug was gone….
The lady in charge of the cleaning told me,
“ Ah, I remember it! We had a guy to fix the fridge a couple of days ago… and he 
just grasped your mug with water and put it in the freezer to test if it worked….. and, 
of course, it worked! Your mug just broke after freezing….”
 Oh my god! We didn’t even say goodbye…
 I also broke the keychain with little space needle last month when I tried to change the 
new keys for the new door of our house. It was also bought in Seattle…
 It’s been 10 years, and probably, something’s bound to leave that you can’t do 
anything to stop it.
 Probably, it is true for someone as well…..
 Or, maybe it’s telling me, “You’ve got to visit Seattle again?!”
 My interpretation is, “Go get a mug in the Harrod’s!” (I like this one)
 (It’s a sign…. that I need to go to UK….ha)
 For some emotional reason, I wrote this small article in English. Never ask me why!
 In memory of my blue mug……….
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  • eaton
  • the best way to recover when crossed in love.....

    find a new one as soon as possible!
  • Liang-Kung
  • Harrod's..?

    Get a Harrod's bag or bear
    That is more famous than mug
  • sunnyitsun
  • Well, i'll turn to Wedgewood...