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(seafood lunch in 旗津 with Duncan’s family. Oct.)

Or to drink…

(Wine tasting event in Tatung Atherton. Dec.)

Or to share…

 i 1203.jpg

(roasted turkey in Chen’s family Xmas gathering. Dec.)

Or to gossip

i 1220.jpg
(tea and salad and scones in smith & hsu caf. Dec.)

Or to indulge…

i 1102.jpg 
(no need to explain….it’s Haagen Dazs. Oct.)

Another year of whining and nagging passed, after all, I am so blessed to be able to write my new year article for the 3 years running.
Right now I am in the More lounge, terminal II, Tao-yuan Int'l airport, waiting for my plane to take off.
I was never a brave girl, never took risks, and always walked on the paths more frequently chosen. Yet this time, I made myself gambling, facing challenges and uncertainties ahead with no end. What my 2009 will become is a total fog........................................
Life is short, so I would always like to spend as much time as possible to enjoy delicacies, whether it's Michelin 3- stars cuisine or 10 NTD on it’s tag.
Let's celebrate the coming of 2009 with the fireworks in our hearts, and of course with food… u know me.
Happy New Year!

(just expecting my stories about this trip)        

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  • eaton
  • 很好,加油...2009年的第一天我就值班, 第二天要看假日診....所以, 妳就好好享受得來不易的假期吧!
  • ...有點可憐

    sunnyitsun 於 2009/01/03 00:50 回覆

  • Pittie
  • 努力地玩吧

  • lincyi
  • 寒冷的冬天~~台南阿龍豬心~超級好吃~~正妹極度推薦 ~~有張貼 最新的台南美食 ㄡ ,都是正妹吃過 才port上去的,歡迎參觀